The Ruse

by Coal

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For years we have found that often when Coal performs, the sky weeps with heavy rain, seasonal or not. Fitting then that The Ruse was recorded at Vera's house amid thunder storms and torrential downpour.

Collectively Coal would like to thank Nicolai Roos and Christopher Tuck for all the effort and input that helped shape this album, along with all the fans that have become friends over the past few years. You are all very special to us and we have been consistently awestruck by your continued support and appreciation of our music.

Ross says thanks to the band wives for all the fine vibes and to Silvia for being brilliant.

Linda says thank you to the Kokot family for the loan of that first Coal keyboard (complete with elephant trumpeting), my dear friends and family for their support, Simon for his inspiring love, and Helen, Vera, Cath and Ross for all the years of laughter, goosebumps and tea.

Helen can't begin to adequately express her adoration to the band, not enough biscuits in the world to give! I also owe so much to Claire Ullyett, Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen, Amantha Bezuidenhout, Emma Cook, and all 3 of my parents.

Cathy says thank you to Coal for the tea, biscuits and great music. The best therapy is always singing the shit out of our songs and talking rubbish. Thank you to my love, Christopher. You inspire me to be a better musician every day. To all the musicians, sound engineers and Gurus who have helped us on our way, thanks for the memories and see you out and about!


released October 16, 2015

Coal is Vera Vukovic (Guitar and Vocals)
Linda Scarborough (Keyboard and Backing Vocals)
Cathy Davy (Vocals and Violin)
Ross Campbell (Drums and Percussion)
Helen Westcott (Bass)

All songs written by Coal
Recorded and Mixed by Nicolai Roos
Additional Mixing and Mastering by Christopher Tuck (
Photography by Deborah Rossouw
Design by Vera Vukovic and Ross Campbell
Artwork by Cathy Davy



all rights reserved


Coal Cape Town, South Africa

Coal perform dark & haunting lullabies to soothe any heartache.

Their music is rich with the strains of loss, fleeting moments, deceit, distance and, sometimes, love.

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Track Name: Mr Fox
The slyest fox has led me down.
Twenty-something fathoms under the ground.
Led her down a pathway to his lair.
Binding her with ribbons from her own hair.
Track Name: Train
I’ve been missing the endless moments in your arms.
I’ve been feeling the miles stretched between your heart, and mine
From this station to the end of line.

It’s the journey that I’m taking to find my broken heart.
It’s a train the draws a line, through the emptiness of a moment to the beginning of time.

...and I miss you.

It’s a line from wake to sleeping.
The wishes that I’m keeping in my hand will unlock the secret feelings. The things that I’ve been keeping for so long.
Track Name: Igor
Chase me down along the riverside.
Splash and swim against the rising tide.
Sink beneath the lonely waves, I’ll meet you there.
Hold my hands. Don’t be afraid of the cold.
Silver seconds slip on by.
I’ll hold you there.

Days grow shorter and the shadows crawl.
Hands against the glass.
Time will keep you safe ‘til now.
Snows melt and my love runs away with the seasons.

Oh, I missed you so.
Hold me ‘til you know.
I’ll see you again when the summer has done its shining.

Fall into my arms.
Autumn leaves.
Winter is calling.
Track Name: Banshee
There’s a line that separates what was from now, all I’d hoped for was at my feet.
All I’d hoped for hurts me and robs my sleep.
All I’d hoped for is gone, with the leaves.

From the roaring ocean, to the rolling hills, there was not a fairer maiden to be found.
She was taken for a wife by a young man in faith, one bright summer’s night long ago.

So she hoped he would be faithful and that he would be true.
Wishes, they say, seldom they come true.
So my love you want to leave me? So drink from this bottle now.
For if you won’t be with me, then I will be your only man.

There’s a line that separates what was from now.
All I’d hoped for was at my feet.
All I’d hoped for hurts me and robs my sleep.
All I’d hoped for is gone.
All I’ve dreamed of is gone.
Oh my love is all gone.
Track Name: Devil
Drifting along in the dark of the night, hands entwined and stars reflected in your eyes. These mirrors of soul shone back their far light, and love surrounded us in the welcome respite. Through all our troubles and through all our trials, when the waters get rough you’ll help me by. This tiny moment, a fraction of time that we shared this planet, and our love divine.

Devil at the door. Were you there before?
These things that pull you away.

Devil at the door. Were you there before?
Tell me, can you hear me?
Never, never let me go.

Devil at the door, were you there before?
Midnight chases us down the highway.
Never, never let me go.

Devil at the door, were you there before?
Your arms wrap tightly around me.
Never, never let me go.
Track Name: Inertia
Watching the wind whip the rain against the windows, and the sky is a weeping grey. Aching for the warmth of your smile. I’ll sit here for a moment, for a while. In the longing, for the home of your arms. The longing in the home of your heart.


Reflections in the windows as I pass by. See the lonely girl with the rain soaked eyes. Every step takes me closer to you, to the warmth of your arms and the home of your heart. So I’ll run as fast as I can fly, down crowded streets of passersby.


And the sound of the city pours over me, and any bystander could just see that the way that you’ve lost me can’t truly be... and I’ve never felt these things before.

Before you lost me.
Before the rocks melt into the sea.
Before the salt seas no longer run.
My love for you has just begun.
Track Name: The Ruse
Run from the empty stages, fall through the night with me.
Leave behind the empty phrases, keep your body close to me.
And if it’s for a moment, say that you love me dear.
Let’s spend a sweet sad evening, forgetting loneliness and fear.

Oh here we go again.

We wander the wet streets, we’ll be each other’s comfort.
Building a fortress against this loneliness.
And love’s been elusive right now, we’ll we’re not searching.
And morning will bring us the cold light of regretting.

Oh here we go again.

Hold me tightly, the night will steal me away on its silken wings.
Hold me tightly, this dream has fallen away, as so many things.
Hold me tightly, this night will steal me away on its silken wings.
Hold me tightly, this wind will blow me away, as the autumn leaves so frail.
Track Name: Tidal
We’re folding, like paper flowers – too far, too fast.
Our hands entwined to find our hearts, the wild ocean takes us.

We’re falling and you’re dragging me down into the dark, the black and cold.
We’re falling, and you’re dragging me down, it’s time to let you go.

A habit I didn’t know I had. The drug you were to me.
A needed fix, to heal the pain.
Your sighs have captured me. So I’ll stand and watch the sea.
I'll watch the dark horse sea.

I know nothing’s the same
(I’m just the girl who loved too much)
I’m here to show you I’m not giving in
Hear me and see my hands reaching for you.
(I’m just the girl who loved too much)

We’re falling and you’re dragging me down into the dark, the black and cold.
We’re falling, and you’re dragging me down.

It’s time to let you go.